How to Choose the Right Size

Underwear is one of the most important parts of clothing we wear, even though it's not visible. It can boost our mood and confidence, ensure a sense of comfort and convenience. However, to flatter us and be comfortable at the same time, it's crucial not to underestimate the choice of this piece of clothing. The key to success is determining the fitting cut and material, but now we'll look at how to measure correctly, as this is the absolute basis when selecting underwear.
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Women's bamboo underwear EcoBamboo - leggings, bras, and panties
Women's bamboo underwear EcoBamboo - leggings, bras, and panties

What you'll need for proper measurement:

  • Tailor's tape
  • Mirror
  • Fitted clothing/underwear that doesn't tighten or shape the figure

Chest Circumference

This measurement is taken at the widest part of the chest - for men usually measured under the armpit and for women across the nipples. When reading the measurement, stand straight, relaxed, and ensure the tape is horizontal. It's better to double-check this in a mirror or ask someone else for help. For women, this measurement, along with the underbust circumference, will help in choosing the right bra.

Hip Circumference

This circumference is measured at the narrowest part of the figure. It is typically found a bit above the navel. Here, women usually have an advantage as they generally have a more clearly defined waist than men. Another guide is that the waist is about halfway between the top of the hip bone and the bottom rib. Measure the waist during a relaxed exhalation without sucking in the stomach.
A tip from us: In women, measured sizes can vary in different parts of the cycle, for example, due to water retention during premenstrual syndrome. Therefore, it is best to measure ideally in the first half of the cycle.

Seat Circumference / Hips

Run the tailor's tape over the widest part of the buttocks and hips. Again, be careful not to hold the tape at an angle. When measuring, keep your legs together and stand straight with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. The tape should fit snugly against the body at every measurement but should not constrict. Double-check your measurements to ensure the accuracy.


When measuring your height, you'll definitely appreciate the help of another person. Measure without shoes, standing straight naturally against a wall, with feet slightly apart (about 10 to 15 cm) and head held erect. Mark the top of your head and then measure the distance from the ground to the mark with a tailor's tape or another available measure.

Foot Length

Here too, having someone to assist you with the measurement is beneficial - take a clean sheet of paper, place it on the floor with the short side against the wall, and stand on it so that your heel barely touches the wall. Then, make a mark in front of the big toe. It's important for the foot to be evenly weighted. This is best achieved while standing and when the marking is done by another person.
Men's bamboo underwear EcoBamboo - tank tops, T-shirts, boxers
Men's bamboo underwear EcoBamboo - tank tops, T-shirts, boxers


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