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Sustainability, Ethics, and Quality

Nature has endowed some regions of the world with perfect conditions for growing various plants. One such plant is bamboo. It's not wood; it's not a tree; it's a grass. Its range of uses is virtually endless. Its inherent feature is its rapid growth, reaching up to 91 centimeters per day. Our goal is to utilize the potential of this plant in a sustainable, ethical, and high-quality way. Explore our journey and say no to fast fashion.


Ecological Hope in Agriculture

Southern Argentina, beech forests in Chile, tropical rainforests in the Andes, northern Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region are all areas where farmers have faced many challenges in the past. However, they have now decided to rise and restore their plantations. No pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and low water consumption. It's a long and demanding journey, but at EcoBamboo, we do our utmost to accelerate this return to purely organic cultivation.
We are pleased to share this story of hope with you. Every minute you wear our clothing gives us the energy to move forward.


Processing as a Cycle, Not a Race

The story of ecology is far from over. After the rainy season, bamboo must be harvested. Due to its rapid growth, the plantation doesn't need to be very large. EcoBamboo utilizes plantations in Southeast Asia because the journey from the farmer to processing is shortest there.
Bamboo is soaked in non-toxic solvents. Water in this process is closed in a loop. We ensure that water is used responsibly, as we can use the same water again and again. At EcoBamboo, we believe in giving back to the planet what we have taken, or at least as much as possible. Therefore, the use of non-toxic solvents and water recycling are very important to us.


Production with Pride and Without Waste

We are still in Southeast Asia, a place where people have faced many challenges for years. Our responsibility lies in supporting production where both sides are satisfied, not just one. Therefore, we emphasize that the people involved in production with us are proud of what they have done and are rewarded appropriately at the end of the day.
When the fiber is prepared and dyed with natural dyes, it's time to create from the yarn what this all started for. Computerized knitting allows us to process each pattern as efficiently as possible. This way, there are no unnecessary fabric remnants that go unused.

Production with Pride and Without Waste


Packaging That Doesn't Harm the Planet

The story is almost over. There is still the packaging of clothing to be done. This often overlooked phase is our next responsibility. We package most of our products in two layers. The top layer consists of a recycled paper box with FSC certification. The second protective layer is made of silk paper, which allows us to protect the goods from dirt from the cardboard.


Combining Comfort with Nature

It's a long journey to stability and success. With your support, the determination of farmers, the excellent work of production workers, and our knowledge of patterns that have been making you happy for over 25 years, we can relieve the planet. EcoBamboo. But we can't do it without you. EcoBamboo is not just a brand; it's a way of life.

Combining Comfort with Nature